Truly a Summer in Paradise

Some of you know that Julissa, Santiago, and I spent the summer up-the-hill in Paradise, Ca with the kind and generous folks at the Abbey. I’m not going to get into all the self-reflective spiritual stuff that came out of those friendships and experiences…not yet, at least. It’s enough to say that they gave us a real welcome and reminded me–un(self)consciously–of why Jesus loves these weirdos, ragamuffins, sinners, and saints.

I will, however, pass on some very cool liturgical links influenced by my time with Joshua and company.

Rich Mullins (wow!! I had no idea how cool he was…The Jesus Record…have you ever even heard of a hogan? me neither…until I read about Rich)

COTA (get their free podcast, with the best contemplative music/meditation combinations I have ever heard)

Church of the Beloved (sister church to COTA, also giving away free liturgical stuff…nice music, I mean really well produced…for free)

St. Gregory of Nyssa in SF (no direct link to the Abbey folks, but the inspiration to check them out came to me because of our experiences over the summer…and the liturgy at St. Gregs turned out to be over-the-top-fun, participatory…and also we learned a new group dance!)

That’s it for now…bye, bye.