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I’m back in Lima. We’re visiting my in-laws for Christmas. Getting here was a disappointing process to say the least (complete with a travel agency ponzi scheme), but we are here now and feel deeply grateful to God and everyone else who prayed for us.

On the Ground: SNL Insults Hipsters Everywhere

  1. I wrote a little commentary about an SNL digital short on Jesus Manifesto. I started thinking about the short a tad more seriously when my always clever and sarcastic friend Quinton told me, after I showed him the video, that he thought those wily folks in New York had done a fantastic parody of me. So I wrote it up. The article opens with a question that one of my very hip baby-boomer friends put to me after watching it. The article has got a few comments; they’re pretty funny, worth reading, I think.

The Jesus Center Community Garden or The Community Garden at 14th & Mulberry…which ever you prefer…actually, which do you prefer? It would be nice to know…

  1. Read the Chico News & Review write up about the garden here. Sena Christian did an excellent job at capturing an important aspect of the story, having to do with what inspired both Stephanie and I to get our hands dirty with gardening. Hopefully, it inspires other kinds of gifts to the community. The GRUB Cooperative wrote up a story for the garden as well. They were the primary instigators and talent in moving this garden from idea to fruition.
  2. Pictures I took: