Adiós, amigo. Te vamos a extrañar.

This video from 2015 begins with an interview with Gustavo and a picture of his family.

My friend Gustavo Delgadillo recently contracted COVID-19. He and his wife both got sick actually. They have been leading a community of seminarians and social advocates from their home in Huancayo, Peru. Their recent relief efforts led them to bring food and other support to Venezuelan refugees as well as to the Ashaninkas, an indigenous tribe who have been hard hit by this pandemic. This afternoon I just learned that Gustavo passed away. I’m so sad to hear he’s gone and that their family must now deal with this huge loss. I’m still trying to process it all myself.

Gustavo was a humble and courageous person. He was an intellectual in the best sense, sharp and inspired. He led a life of service and repentance in the midst of some really challenging personal and community-wide circumstances. I will always remember him as a fellow brother, hero, and friend. He is survived by his wife and two adolescent children.

I am going to put together a collection to send their family for funeral costs and other needs they may have. I’m not sure how else I can help from here, but if anyone feels moved to contribute, please contact me.