“the surpassing grace of God upon you”

God bless those who have what I have not.
Sometimes it hurts (to give) and it can
be hard (to go without).

But I want to release my anxiety (and your bonds too).
So I say, “God bless them!” To those who have
what I have not.

If you believe in their rules, hoarding all and defending
your stuff, people love those idols, until a way is found;
and probably it’s by theft.

If you refuse to play by their rules,
to simply give when it’s your right to have,
you can bet someone is writing that down.

Your children, for example, may scream and shout.
And as your laughter echos in the halls of serious people,
the sound of deep kindness bellows on.

But it’s a hollow sound to some. People need
their space, popularity, land, and cash.
Their carefully planned futures.

They will want to fight about that (including
the stuff you have). It’s so much easier to bless them.
“More power to those who have what I have not.”

Yes, power does give more than any human being
should have. Strangling, taking, imprisoning hearts.
But who can stop them once we’ve sacrificed so much?

Be at peace, my friends. I know how it feels to love and
be afraid; we seldom seem at rest. God has a way of bringing
us himself, to live in a fearless song.

Note: the title is taken from 2 Corinthians 9 and the quotation
further down is from Twenty-Four Hours a Day.