The Real Economic Bailout!

Friends, please read this piece I wrote for Jesus Manifesto. I hoped, in it, to express the discontent I have often felt when facing the underbelly of global-consumer-capitalism, and how maddening it can be to find oneself compelled to live within nationalized and politicized states of greed. All that to say, I’m hopeful (and more easily de-scripted from the empire’s imagination) every time some small-scale, local community begins to take shape–friends and family sharing with one another–working off the grid, so to speak! So, take a look at the article and tell me what you think.

My boss at work, Eric, sent me an article with an interesting take on the subject as well. You can find it here. It’s definitely worth the read. Also, Josh Brown highlighted the absurdity of AIG taking a $443,000 luxury retreat in the midst of its own “economic bailout”/bankruptcy. They haven’t got a clue!

Feel free to leave comments about any of the above topics. Agree/disagree with my take on things?