Compost Anyone?


I suppose every garden has a story. Maybe it’s about weeds and keeping every pathway neat. Maybe it’s about fresh produce and eating right off the vine. Maybe it’s about learning to recognize life and watching things grow. No matter the particular language, every garden seems to give its people meaning: family, community, hope for things not seen. The newly planted Jesus Center Community Garden at 14th & Mulberry tells us a unique story as well. It is one of many hands, most not knowing what the other was doing, putting together a beautiful plan to create the roots of food on an unused lot near the Jesus Center.

The idea came about after David Kim (the owner of the property) got in contact with Stephanie Williams (from GRUB), who had already been plotting a similar type of plan. And a seemingly random guy (that’s me…Jason Winton) jumped on board and decided to rent the place, coordinating the site. It’s enough to say all of us had been thinking the same thing: give volunteers the opportunity to work together, alongside the very folks who need fresh produce, to create a garden that would provide healthy food for the Jesus Center Food Pantry. Everyone involved would get to experience “giving back.” And it would constantly remind us of the meaning we started with, this garden’s beautiful story.

Our next workday (the last one for the initial set-up) will be Sunday November 8th from 2-5pm (14th & Mulberry, Chico, Ca). We still need compost donations in order to fill in all the beds (10 yards would do it!). Please contact either Stephanie Williams (530-354-1646), Jason Winton (530-592-6589), or Debra Howell (530-345-2640) for more information.

Plotting Goodness,

Jason Winton